Transportation Department Received 100% Passing Grade for Twenty-Eighth Consecutive Year

Each year, as state bus inspections roll around, the pressure gets a little more intense for the vehicle maintenance staff.

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OMEO Program

The fun and energetic show gives individuals from our adult day centers, as well as our friends from neighboring Ross, Clark, Clinton, and Miami County a chance to shine and show their diverse talents. 

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New Superintendent Announced

The Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services is pleased to announce that Ms. Nancy Banks has been selected as the Board’s next Superintendent.


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Erin Ritchey - DD Hall of Fame

Sixteen Individuals were Honored at the 26th Annual Developmental Disabilities Hall of Fame and 25th Annual Erin Ritchey Memorial Awards.


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Dorothy Lane Market

Dorothy Lane Market presents donation to Liberty Center.



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In Memory Of…
Moment of Silence Observed
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07 18 2014

Spire Arts Makes Their Mark On Vandalism


When graffiti struck Dayton’s Patterson Park neighborhood, the residents did as they have always done when a problem arises; they took action.


Dayton, OH, July 16, 2014– On July 22nd at 10:00 a.m., Patterson Park Neighborhood Association and Spire Arts will be unveiling progress on a mural created by artists with developmental disabilities at Jane Newcom Park, located at 1298 Tudor Rd., Dayton OH 45419. 


Known for its well–kept homes and tree-lined streets, this southeast Dayton community takes pride in Jane Newcom Park, named for the first child born in the city’s history. The Park is frequently abuzz with joggers and cyclists passing through on the South Dayton Bikeway, children on the playground, and youths playing basketball. Local residents plant and mulch the flower beds, keeping the park attractive year round.


This past year became one of frustration as the park shelter at Jane Newcom Park became the target of repeated graffiti. Multiple times neighborhood volunteers repainted the walls, only to find their hard work quickly ruined by more vandalism. Several Patterson Park Trustees took the problem to the Dayton Police, along with the City’s Graffiti Task Force. A plan was made to take steps to combat the graffiti problem and maintain the family-friendly atmosphere that the park has always been known for.


As with most projects, the needs came down to time and money. With the help of the Graffiti Task Force, the Trustees connected with Ruthie Kennedy of Spire Arts. The work of this organization of artists with developmental disabilities can be seen in the form of murals throughout the city. Ruthie, together with Patterson Park Trustee Wayne Fischbach, made plans for an 18’ x 30’ mural for the large rear wall of the shelter. The mural, now well underway, is the creation of Ruthie and her Spire Artists, who have integrated the images of John Patterson and Jane Newcom, along with the community’s trademark gaslight, into the design. By the end of summer, all four walls of the shelter will be wrapped in this artwork.


The success of the project has been contagious, as local residents join the artists each day and pick up a paint brush to help out. Several Trustees and Garden Club members wrote a successful County grant proposal to cover the cost of the anti-graffiti clear coat that will cover the completed mural.  The result goes beyond a beautiful park shelter designed by a wonderful group of artists and citizens. It is a wonderful symbol of people coming together to make one urban neighborhood an even better place to call home.


The mission of the Board is to serve children and adults with mental retardation and other significant developmental disabilities, most of whom require comprehensive life-long services.  The Board provides supports for individuals to live, learn, work and participate in their community.  The Board also provides supports for families in their efforts to care for their family member with a disability.

Employment First Initiative Training

Employment First Initiative Training
July 10, 2014
9:00 a.m. at Northview
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Annual Goals 2014-15

Annual Goals

Important correction

Important correction: The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) updated their website last year  and the telephone number for County Board’s contacts to report abuse/neglect directly to DODD was changed to 1-800-617-6733. Click here for rest of the article.


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Famous Faces: Stevie Wonder

Famous Faces: Stevie Wonder

Stevland Hardaway Morris born May 13, 1950, better known by his stage name, Stevie Wonder,
is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Read More
Make a Difference

Making a Difference

Brandon Kilgore

 Brandon Kilgore is a shining example of an individual with developmental disabilities that advocates for other people with disabilities. Graduating from Meadowdale High School in 2007, Brandon immediately started attending Kuntz Center where he chose to develop his work skills and participate in meaningful activities. Brandon made it clear that he was an ambitious young man, eager to be independent in all areas of his life.

 As a highly independent man, Brandon has no problems sharing that he takes care of his medical appointments, uses RTA, rides project mobility, uses a cell phone, is an active member in church and loves to be out in the community. In 2003, Brandon underwent a successful kidney transplant from his mother, Tammi Bell. Unfortunately, Tammi was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away in 2009, but they remained close until her passing. Brandon uses challenging situations like this to encourage others to keep going and do the best that he can and throughout, he’s remained positive and motivated to accomplish his personal goals.

Currently, Brandon is employed at Kuntz Center and URS. He’s also the president of the MCBDDS Advocacy Council in which he attends the Listening session with the Superintendent and other advocacy representatives. Brandon continues to participate in the community by volunteering to help teenagers with homework after school at the East End Community Center. Brandon is also highly active in the church choir at St. John’s Baptist Church. In 2011 he participated in a Community Advocacy event as well as the People First conference in 2010.

Brandon’s self-determination continues to develop and grow. He advocates for himself and for others. His goal has always been to improve his quality of life while not offending anyone. Brandon continues to make a positive impact wherever he goes.