Board hires Benefits Analysis Coordinator

Tammy Disney, formerly a Service and Support Administrator with 25 years of employment with the Board, will counsel individuals in support of Ohio's Employment First initiative, and offer guidance about how work opportunities affect their entitlements and benefits.

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DD Hall of Fame and Erin Ritchey Memorial Awards

On Friday, April 24, MCBDDS inducted five individuals into the Developmental Disabilities Hall of Fame, and recognized seven individuals and organizations with Erin Ritchey Memorial Awards.

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In Memory Of…
Moment of Silence Observed
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North Dayton Anglers and Conservation Club to host Fishing Derby

The North Dayton Anglers and Conservation Club will host its 34th annual Fishing Derby for individuals with disabilities Saturday, June 6.  Click here for information

Parents of autistic individuals wanted for survey

A survey attempting to determine the differences in the quality of social lives of parents with Autism versus parents of children with other developmental disabilities is being conducted by Miami University.  To participate or for more information, click here.

Conflict-Free Case Management and Restructuring of Service Delivery

Boards of DDS are facing new regulations -- rules that will change the way they operate.  Click here for more info

Annual Goals 2014-15

Annual Goals


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05/05/15 — In the News Teen 'makes her mark' helping wishes come true by Marji Yablon

Famous Faces: Kristiferlee Owens

Famous Faces: Kristiferlee Owens

Kristiferlee Owens, one of the founding members of MCBDDS's Spire Arts program, is a gifted artist who loves to share his talents with others. 
Kris is passionate about his art, and uses brushes attached to a headband to create his pieces.  He specializes in painting outdoor scenes and animals with acrylics on canvas.  He is especially gifted in capturing the personalities of dogs in his work.  Kris has received numerous commissions, and also mentors painters in the Spire Arts Studio, where he encourages others to find creative solutions to their challenges.  
Kris is a true advocate and supporter of other artists, and wants them to experience the satisfaction he feels when he completes a piece of artwork that he has envisioned.  His encouragement and guidance inspire others who need an uplifting perspective. 
Kris was recently featured as a demonstration artist as part of the Montgomery County Culture Works Workplace Giving Campaign.  He was hired to give a painting demonstration at Stillwater Center, where he showcased his painting technique and fielded questions about his work.  He was also highlighted in the Downtown Dayton Partnership's "Art in the City" campaign in mid-May.  

The MCBDDS community is thrilled that Kris's artistic genius is being recognized in our region.
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Make a Difference

Making a Difference

Brandon Kilgore

 Brandon Kilgore is a shining example of an individual with developmental disabilities that advocates for other people with disabilities. Graduating from Meadowdale High School in 2007, Brandon immediately started attending Kuntz Center where he chose to develop his work skills and participate in meaningful activities. Brandon made it clear that he was an ambitious young man, eager to be independent in all areas of his life.

 As a highly independent man, Brandon has no problems sharing that he takes care of his medical appointments, uses RTA, rides project mobility, uses a cell phone, is an active member in church and loves to be out in the community. In 2003, Brandon underwent a successful kidney transplant from his mother, Tammi Bell. Unfortunately, Tammi was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away in 2009, but they remained close until her passing. Brandon uses challenging situations like this to encourage others to keep going and do the best that he can and throughout, he’s remained positive and motivated to accomplish his personal goals.

Currently, Brandon is employed at Kuntz Center and URS. He’s also the president of the MCBDDS Advocacy Council in which he attends the Listening session with the Superintendent and other advocacy representatives. Brandon continues to participate in the community by volunteering to help teenagers with homework after school at the East End Community Center. Brandon is also highly active in the church choir at St. John’s Baptist Church. In 2011 he participated in a Community Advocacy event as well as the People First conference in 2010.

Brandon’s self-determination continues to develop and grow. He advocates for himself and for others. His goal has always been to improve his quality of life while not offending anyone. Brandon continues to make a positive impact wherever he goes.