Adult Services

Justin Woodard

Adult Services Mission

Supporting people with developmental disabilities to live, work and serve in our community.

We provide:

  • Access to meaningful employment
  • Community inclusion
  • Skill reinforcement
  • Creative activities to support the achievement of personal interests and goals
We provide services to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to increase their independence, self-sufficiency and productivity with the outcome of pursuing and achieving what is important to them.

How We Do It

  • We assess the person's wants and needs.
  • We introduce them to environments where they can excel, feel safe, make friends and participate in the broader community.
  • We listen to and design activities based on stakeholder recommendations and feedback.
  • We determine their program placement, based on availability.
  • We assist in implementing an individualized plan that directs the services to be delivered.

Opportunities Offered

  • Vocational opportunities
  • Enclaves (staff-supervised work crews)
  • Job placement/travel training
  • Community employment
  • Community-based activities
  • Volunteer opportunities

Our Locations

A complete listing of MCBDDS service locations can be found here.

Employment First 

Employment First is a policy to ensure that every individual of working age has an opportunity to seek employment and use their talents and strengths to benefit themselves and their community.

MCBDDS has made it a priority to find employment in integrated community settings for individuals who are graduating from high school, as well as individuals enrolled in our Adult Services programs. It is an expectation, agency-wide, that competitive employment should be a preferred priority outcome for people with developmental disabilities that are interested.

To learn more about Employment First, please visit the Ohio Employment First website.
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