Gallery of Artists

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Stephanie is a vibrant and detail-oriented Spire Arts artist who uses a wide range of colors in every piece she creates.  Fashion is also a passion of Stephanie.  This love has inspired her to create her own t-shirt line she calls Fancy Style. Stephanie also likes to dance, shop, and watch TV, and her all-time favorite color is pink.

stephanie baird vsa

Kevin  loves to use colors and shapes in the pieces he creates at Spire Arts. He also likes to watch TV and is a Bengals fan. Like his artwork, Kevin has a colorful personality that makes it easy for him to make friends with everyone he meets.

Kevin Richardson

Nick is the creator of the "Booger Boys," which highlights his cheerful personality. He consistently adds them to every piece he creates at Spire Arts. Nick also likes to listen to his CD player and cheer for his favorite teams, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Reds.

nick k

Isias is a meticulous Spire Arts artist, making sure every color and shape is precise. His attention to detail allows him to create interesting, unique pieces of artwork. Along with creating art, Isias enjoys exercising, as well as reading books and poetry. He is currently working on illustrating a children's book.

isias ballard

Charde is a driven member of Spire Arts. She does not know the words, “I can’t!” Charde loves fashion.  Color choice is a strength that can be seen in all her work. Charde most appreciates the teamwork and friendship of the class.


Amy is a passionate Spire Arts artist.  She loves using many colors to express her love for life.  Her happiness is constant and contageous, which is evident in the many smiley faces she frequently integrates into her artwork.


Amanda is a very independent and an enthusiastic Spire Arts artist. She especially loves making 3D artwork using pipe cleaners and bottle caps. Amanda also loves animals, particularly cats, and making new friends.

amanda birds

Ebony is an extremely ambitious and passionate artist.  Her inspiration comes from her many interests, allowing her to fully express herself in each piece she creates at Spire Arts.  Ebony not only loves art but also reading, watching movies, and shopping at the mall.

ebony neon stripes

Carole B. greatly enjoys her time in the Spire Arts studio, especially when painting and drawing.  She is an avid Johnny Depp fan and loves incorporating her original drawings of him into her creations.  Carole loves animals which can be seen in her lovely "pet portraits" she has created for many people.

carole cincinnati

Tim H. enjoys painting and drawing while in the Spire Arts studio. He often incorporates words and numbers in his artwork.  Portraits of family members are throughout his creations.  Tim also likes participating in computer class, dancing, and bowling.


Cheryl is an extremely expressive, vibrant Spire Arts member.  She loves adding various colors and textures into her paintings. In addition to doing art, Cheryl likes being involved with the community, with the community being the main inspiration for her art.


Alicia is very good at using different art mediums while in the Spire Arts studio. Bold, bright colors that really attract the eye are often seen throughout her creations. Alicia is a big fan of The Walking Dead, music, and movies.


Brenda is an assertive and candid member of Spire Arts who loves painting. She loves animals as well, her favorite being dogs. Brenda also likes laughing, shopping, and math.  She is an excellent role model who inspires other artists while in the studio.


Kaitlyn loves working in the Art studio. She enjoys drawing and painting. Kaitlyn loves animals, especially dogs, and that carries over into her artwork. In her spare time, she likes to work on the computer, hang out with friends, and watch movies with her grandmother.

Jeffrey is a Spire artist that loves his community.  His excellent eye for color and shape can be seen in his compositions of various buildings and places he loves.  Jeffrey never misses a day in the art studio.  Always hard working, he is an excellent role model for everyone.  
jeffrey d
Donald loves animated movies, big cities, and drawing. The art he creates is always bright with a certain energy that only he can capture.  He is prolific in his creations, producing many drawings in one studio session.  When I think of Donald I think of an artist with a smile on his face and a song in his heart.
donald james cow
Maynard loves to paint. He is a man of action and he can’t be stopped when he has a brush in hand. I have never seen anyone who loves to paint as much as Maynard. He begins each piece by painting several pieces of paper or cardboard. When that is done, he combines his paintings into a collage.  
art and soul maynard
Juan finds art to be very therapeutic.  His favorite subjects are super heroes, and the Bengals.  He loves to listen to music and can often be found singing along to his favorite tunes.
599 JP (1)

Lauren is an incredibly talented artist.  She loves to draw and paint raptors most of all.  However she has the ability to reproduce any subject with accuracy.  In her spare time she loves listening to music and using her ipad.