Volunteering at Farm

Our Adult Services centers have a commitment to provide each individual we serve with as many community experiences as possible.  Volunteering is one area we have placed an enhanced emphasis on since the Employment First initiative was launched.

Volunteering is a win-win for everyone.  Through volunteer experiences, our individuals have the opportunity to learn new skills, test and improve current skills, and gain professional experience in an integrated, diverse community environment.  They gain personal growth in their self-esteem, confidence, and skill development, as well as learn to work with others individually and as a team.    

Our centers typically focus on volunteer sites with locations in their immediate community.  Most of our sites are public service, religious and/or humanitarian.  The list below is a few of our regular volunteer sites:

·         Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

·         Christ United Methodist Church

·         Christian Life Center

·         Dayton Memorial Park  

·         Good Neighbor House

·         Grand Place

·         House of Bread

·         Life Enrichment Center

·         Maranatha Church

·         Maria Joseph

·         Miami Valley Hospital

·         New Hope Villa  

·         Possum Creek Farm

·         Southbrook Christian Church

·         The Food Bank

Our individuals are not compensated for donating their time and service; however, the time spent volunteering does prepare and strengthen skills needed for future employment and opportunities.  Our volunteer services do not displace any employees; our volunteers do the same tasks as a typical community volunteer would do.  When our individuals volunteer, they receive supervision and support from MCBDDS staff.  At times, our individuals may even be offered permanent employment through our volunteer sites.  As a volunteer, individuals are given the chance to give back, strengthen, and make a difference within themselves and our community.