Employment Services

Our services are focused on person-centered planning. 

For those individuals wanting to find full-time or part-time employment, Employment Services offers:

  • Job Development
  • Job Placement
  • Job Coaching
  • Travel Training
  • Enclaves (staff-supervised work crews)
  • Follow-along services

Based upon the individual's choice of where to start on their career PATH, their ISP will include supports and opportunities to help him/her advance to the next level on their career PATH.  PATH planning and placement is discussed at each individual's annual ISP meeting; these discussions should continue throughout the year.  Additional supports and prevocational skill building activities are offered to help individuals develop the work skills needed to obtain and maintain competitive employment.

When individuals are ready to move into community integrated employment, a referral will be made to OOD (Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities).  OOD helps the individual with provider selection for job development and job coaching.

Everyone is encouraged to obtain supported employment in the community; regardless of their current PATH, individuals will be supported in their employment needs.

More information about the Employment First initiative can be found here.