SOS Suicide Awareness Panel

sos mural

Signs of Suicide Project.

Spire arts is designed a 4’x8 foot panel on the subject of anxiety that will be part of a travelling community exhibition. The goal of the project is to educate the general public about the signs of suicide among young people, bring hope to those who are suffering, and provide resources for direct support.

​ SOS- signs of suicide is a visual arts awareness campaign that will be created by both teens and local artists. As a year-long campaign,  the travelling art exhibition will reach local elementary schools, high schools, universities and public spaces. The exhibition will be made up of 30 images, located on the front and back of panels that will be hinged together for display. 15 of the images will be created by teens in grades 7-12 who are part of K12 Gallery & TEJAS Artist in Training Teen After School Program. And 15 panels will be created by local artists. The 30 images represented on the panels will capture the feelings associated with a young person contemplating suicide. This will include feelings, statistics, hope for the future, and resources for help.


carole k12