The MCBDDS School-to-Work Employment Program works with students, parents, special educators, parent mentors, job developers, job coaches, work-study coordinators and employers to pave the pathway to post-secondary employment success for students with disabilities.

Our goal is to provide:
  • Support for the student in the gradual progression from a high school environment to a competitive place of employment
  • Information to students and families about any life job-building skills, volunteer or internship opportunities
  • Ongoing resources to assist students and families as they follow their paths to competitive community employment and beyond.

Eligibility Criteria

When students reach 16 years of age, an assessment will be administered to determine whether the student is eligible for services for adults with developmental disabilities. Once the student's eligibility is determined, the School to Work Employment Specialist should be invited to the Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting to assist in developing age-appropriate IEPs related to training, education, and independent living skills to prepare the student for employment in a competitive workforce.  This collaboration will not only prepare the student for a successful outcome, but will also assist with the new secondary transition service requirements.

Further information

For more information about the MCBDDS School to Work program, please see this brochure.