The County Board’s Employment Navigation function focuses on helping individuals with developmental disabilities move along a desired career path, and helps them find meaningful, fulfilling employment in the community that fits their needs and desires.  

The ultimate goals of the Employment Navigation function are to: 

  • Prepare individuals for work in the community by helping them understand the demands of employment
  • Assist them in gaining the skills and knowledge they need to find employment
  • Assist them in identifying, finding and landing a job aligned with their skills, capabilities and wishes
  • Provide support that helps them maintain their employment and advance their career, if desired
  • Help the individual become more integrated into the community through employment

Because individuals vary greatly in terms of their career preparation, work experience, employment goals and other needs, MCBDDS Employment Navigators work with them to help them determine the path they wish to pursue, and develop Support Plans that identify steps to accomplish those goals. Employment Navigators also support the individual by coordinating the resources and training they may need, whether those be services from providers and government agencies or supports from family and friends.  They also authorize and monitor funding and employment supports.  

Employment Navigation coordinates services with employment providers to support people with developmental disabilities who wish to work in the community. These services could include job development, job coaching, and long-term retention services.

Getting started

Individuals who would like to get started with Employment Navigation should contact their Service and Support Administrator, or may contact Michelle Garrett, Employment Navigator Supervisor at 937-329-4025 or via email.