Recreation Program

The MCBDDS Recreation Program serves individuals who reside in Montgomery County and are eligible for services from the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services. Other restrictions may apply. If you are not certain about your eligibility, please use the information below to reach out to an MCBDDS staff member.

  • Ages 6 and up: Ginger Muse, 937-457-2822 or via email  
  • Ages 0 to 5: 937-258-1446
Please note: At this time, MCBDDS Recreation Services programs are being offered both in-person and virtually. Please see our "How to Register" page at left for additional details.

Children's Recreation

The Children's Recreation Program serves children ages 6-17.  The Recreation Coordinator or Recreation Assistant will conduct assessments to determine staff level for individuals. 

The Children's Respite Program can provide any staffing level. 

Community Outings staffing levels are three individuals for every staff person.

Adult Recreation

The Adult Recreation Program serves individuals ages 18 through senior citizens. Recreation staff conduct assessments for individuals to determine staffing levels. 

Community Outings staffing level are three individuals to every staff person.  If the individual requires a 1:1 staff ratio, options will be given in order to serve the individual.   


Goals for the program are to:
  • Promote and encourage socialization in a safe environment
  • Provide a variety of activity opportunities during program breaks
  • Promote physical fitness activities
  • Work with families to best meet their needs
  • Work to ensure everyone who attends has fun