How We Help

The Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services is the local government agency that coordinates services and funding for eligible children and adults who are residents of Montgomery County, Ohio, and have a qualifying diagnosis of an intellectual or developmental disability.

Connecting People to Critical Services
Our agency connects people to critical services in the community, and coordinates services and funding, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Case Management, also known as Service and Support Administration
  • Transportation Services
  • Employment Support Services
  • Adult Day Services
  • Safety and Protection Services, to address abuse and neglect
  • Residential Services, to include rental homes in the community, supported living homes, and Intermediate Care Facilities

Strengthening Families
We also offer a variety of direct services to individuals with developmental disabilities that are locally funded through the Montgomery County Human Services Levy.  These services are designed to help families who wish to support their child in their home, including:

  • Early Intervention Services for children from birth to age 2
  • Mental Health Services tailored to the needs of people with developmental disabilities
  • Behavior Support Services
  • Respite Services through our Recreation Department
  • Family Support Services, including adaptive equipment, respite care and scholarships

Supporting Community Integration
We help ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities have the chance to live freely in the community by offering:

  • Residential Placement Services for those who wish to live in an integrated setting in the community
  • Recreation Services that offer opportunities to participate in community activities
  • Self-advocacy programming to develop confidence and assert independence that leads to decision-making
  • Crisis Intervention Services to help people who have faced abuse or neglect, or who have experienced the loss of a loved one