Provider UI Logs

Representatives of providers have specific recordkeeping requirements.  Each agency must have an Unusual Incident (UI) log for each month, and must verify that the UI logs were reviewed to ensure that none were Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs).  If MUIs are discovered during the review process, those MUIs must be reported to the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services Department of Safety and Protection.

Providers are required to document and report trends and patterns of incidents in their review.  

MCBDDS Department of Safety and Protection will request monthly UI logs from selected agencies and independent providers for the purpose of random sampling to monitor for trends and patterns per Ohio Administrative Code 5123-17-02.

Agency and Independent Providers can continue to voluntarily submit UI logs to the Department of Safety and Protection if they wish.  These submissions help ensure the health, welfare and continuous quality improvement of individuals served, assist SSAs in monitoring caseload trends and patterns, and support ongoing individual service plan coordination.

To submit UI logs:

MCBDDS would like for Agency and Independent Providers to submit monthly Unusual Incident Logs via emailThese submissions are at the discretion of the provider.