Meeting Guidelines

Meetings of the Board are business meetings held in public, not public meetings.  Visitors are welcome to address the Board at these meetings during "Visitors Time."  Such presentations are limited to five minutes, and each presenter will be asked to provide their name and address.  

Questions from visitors must be directed to the Board as a whole, and may not be put to any individual member of the Board or the administrative staff.  

No person shall present orally at any meeting of the Board a complaint against an individual employee of the Board, Board members, consumers or parents of consumers.  Any such charges or complaints must
 be presented to the Superintendent in writing, and must be signed by the person(s) making the charge or complaint.

If a visitor does not use all five minutes allocated for their remarks, no portion of their unused minutes may be assigned to another individual.  

The Board may choose to make no response to the speaker, or may choose to reply to the speaker during the meeting.  The Superintendent assumes the responsibility of responding by letter and/or following up within 30 days with the speaker unless the time period is extended by the person involved.

The Board reserves the right to limit the number of speakers on one subject.